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SpaceX launches and lands a Falcon 9 rocket booster a record 10th time
SpaceX has launched another 60 Starlink satellites — making 180 delivered to orbit in under two weeks — but the launch early Sunday morning was more notable because it set a new, key record for Falcon 9 rocket reusability. This marked the 10th flight of the f…
May, 09 2021
Trump hits golf course, talks with New York Times reporter in Florida
President Trump is in Florida, where he did an impromptu interview with a New York Time reporter. Now, he's facing backlash for some of his comments. CBS News national correspondent Chip Reid reports.
May, 09 2021
Trump claims historic legislative achievements
In Florida, President Trump made his first public appearance of his holiday vacation, thanking local firefighters and promoting his own record in office. But the evidence shows he went a little too far with one claim. Chip Reid reports.
May, 09 2021